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Originality and Ownership in Digital Art

The idea of owning an original digital art can be both intriguing and confusing. How do the concepts of originality and ownership transfer from physical to digital art? And are some historical works of art digital in nature?
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Keyboards and Their Remarkable Resistance to Innovation

The typewriter was invented around the same time as the telephone, but while phones have changed beyond all recognition, the keyboards of today look substantially the same as when they first made their entrance.
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ZipChord: Hybrid Chorded Keyboard

Faster and More Comfortable Typing

Thanks to Zipf’s law, it takes only a small number of chorded shortcuts to improve one half of all the typing we do. Trained stenographers type at over 200 words per minute. This is because stenotype machines use chords of...
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Revisiting the Big Tech ‘Frightful 5’

What Set the Big Five Apart From FAANG+

FANG, FAANG+ and MAMAA are some of the acronyms used in reference to high-performing tech companies. And even though the ‘Frightful 5’ label has vanished since being introduced in 2016, things have come back full circle to the companies it...