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Building Bridges of Understanding

What Should We Ask of Translators

Most of my career has centered around languages, translations, and building technological and figurative bridges that allow people to communicate and collaborate with each other regardless of their native language, country of birth, or the color of their skin. What...
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Winning Together

Fifteen Years of Collaboration in a Single Post

I am sharing this article as a reflection, a thank you, and maybe an inspiration after fifteen years of working together with my colleagues, partners, and clients on building solutions that break down language barriers and make amazing devices and...
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Keyboards and Their Remarkable Resistance to Innovation

The typewriter was invented around the same time as the telephone, but while phones have changed beyond all recognition, the keyboards of today look substantially the same as when they first made their entrance.
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Unlocking the Meaning of Genjo Koan

A Discussion and Interlinear Translation of the Essay’s Opening

Genjo Koan is a key writing in Zen Buddhism and Japanese literature in general. Ten years ago, I wrote an article on the challenges of translating this text to accurately convey its meaning to modern readers. Now, I come back...

Putin-Kasparov: A Ruthless Game

The Continuing Fight for Russia’s Democracy

Putin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine prompted me to revisit what I wrote three years after Garry Kasparov retired from professional chess to pursue his fight for Russian democracy – a fight which has only grown in importance.